Lawn Mower Man Grass cutting and Lawn Cutting kanata
lawn mowing kanata

Grass cutting and Lawn Cutting kanata

lawn mowing kanata

Lawn Cutting Services in Kanata, Ontario

Our lawn cutting services in Kanata are here to help you with your seasonal yard care needs. Thanks to our grass cutting in Kanata, you won’t have to spend your time and energy struggling to manage your yard. You might even lack the equipment for effective lawn care. With our on-demand lawn cutting, you don’t have to purchase expensive tools and waste your time in the hot sun cutting your grass. We provide residential lawn care services to homeowners in and around Kanata, Ontario. In addition to bi-weekly grass cutting are our lawn trimming, fertilizing, weed control, spring and general cleanups, overseeding, and dethatching operations.

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We can do lawn cutting services in Kanata for almost any kind of yard or grass. If you’re unsure what type of turf you have, we can evaluate it when we come by for our lawnmowing operations.

Lawn Trimming

This service allows us to use a unique tool to access areas our regular mowers can’t reach. That can include corners, narrow ways, in and around landscaping, and many other places. You might have a unique lawn with limited grass space. We highly recommend that you don’t neglect the growing grass there, as it can make your yard look less appealing and affect nearby plants in your garden. There might be weeds growing on the edges of the sidewalks that mowers can’t reach. We can do this service along with our lawn cutting to ensure that the grass on your yard looks uniform throughout.


Watering and cutting your turf isn’t enough, especially since you can lose large patches to disease if you only resort to those actions. That’s why we also fertilize your lawn. There are many benefits to this service, including protecting the nutrient-rich soil. Fertilizer can make your grass thicker, helping to prevent runoff when it rains. Another advantage is that you won’t have to worry about certain pests as much. That’s because of the combination of your grass becoming more concentrated and the kind of fertilizer we use.

The Lawnmower Man only uses quality supplies that bring the quickest and most effective results for your turf.

Weed Control

If you have a garden or a tree in your yard, you might already know how essential this service is. Lawnmower Man can significantly reduce the number of weeds growing in your turf through particular methods. Each lawn can have different unwanted flowers sprouting around. That’s why we evaluate what weeds are growing in your yard and determine which fertilizer will eliminate them. Such plants can attract bees, making your yard less safe for your children and pets to run around in for long periods. We’re harsh on weeds, but your grass and other plants will be safe.

You can help ensure that these unwanted flowers stay away from your lawn with our bi-weekly grass cutting.

Spring and Other Cleanups

Winter can be pretty tough on your yard. With or without ice, snow, and rain, low temperatures can drastically affect your grass. Our spring cleanup services are here to help get your lawn looking at its best once again. We can remove debris, prune some trees and bushes, restore damaged areas, and more. This service is also available year-round. You never know when a heavy storm will come and ruin your yard.


Many of our services involve keeping your grass thick and weed-free. Overseeding is no exception. We strive to ensure that the grass on your lawn grows evenly throughout. The numerous advantages of overseeding are similar to our other services. For example, it’ll help improve your yard’s overall appearance. Pests and other harmful factors might have impaired some areas of your lawn, and overseeding can renew them.

We don’t stop at grass cutting in Kanata; one of our goals is to help your turf reach its full potential.


Have you ever walked in your yard and noticed that the ground feels spongy beneath your feet? That’s most likely due to thatch buildup. It’s a layer of material that’s composed of dead roots and stems. There are many reasons to remove thatch from your lawn, including allowing more sunlight to reach the soil. You’d need special equipment to get the job done, and we already have that. Dethatching is another service that’ll help your grass grow more efficiently.

We can perform this task when we finish the lawnmowing.

You can plan out when or how often we can provide any of these services for you. We can work on-demand, meaning you can call us at your most convenient time. There are also our bi-weekly services for those who have a particular type of lawn. Finally, you can opt for our seasonal contract. That’s when we can schedule weekly or bi-weekly lawn cutting services in Kanata with unique packages for your yard. Contact Lawn Mower Man of Nepean today if you have any questions about our services and want to set up your first appointment.